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Best Driving Position : Car Seats with Lower Back Support

Best Driving Poisition For Back PainDriving for long hours can be a tiring task to do and finding the best position for back pain should be a priority for you if you drive for long periods of time.

If you have back pain, riding in the car even just for an hour can be a real challenge. Knowing how to sit in a car can help you ease or avoid back pain.

One of the techniques that happy car travelers do to ensure a comfortable ride is to exercise before driving or riding. People with lower back pain can alleviate pain by warming up their muscles.

This is best achieved by moving those muscles through exercising.

Muscle warm up can also be achieved through the patching of heating pad on your lower back. Bring along a heating pad with you in your car and use the dashboard power source to turn on the heating pad when you need it.

You can also use heat wrap which can be applied directly to your skin. This provides a low level of non-stop heat to your back.

Some people also apply driving positions to help them avoid or minimize back pain while driving. You might want to follow these best driving positions so you won’t miss out a trip, vacation or job that requires long hours of driving:

Here are 10 Tips to Get the Best Driving Position in Your Car:

1. Bring In Your Hips First

When you step in your car, make sure that your hips go in first before the rest of your body. This makes a position that forces you to sit on the back of your thighs, not on your tailbone.

2. Angle Back Your Car Seat Correctly

With car seats that are more adjustable these days, you can adjust them for you to have proper driving position and a relaxed sitting posture. You can slightly tilt down the seat front with your seat correctly angled back.

This will help your spine to avoid the “C” slump.

Do not angle up your car seat at the front because it will increase the slumping posture and raise your thighs.

3. Adjustable Lumbar Support for Comfort

Newer cars have this adjustable lumbar support. When it supports to base of your spine in its natural position, this lumbar support is correctly positioned.

This won’t just correct your posture, it will also alleviate your back pain while driving.

4. Bring Your Car Seat Forward or Backward To Have Proper Posture

Your legs should also sit and not to hold you up while driving. This will be achieved by adjusting the distance of your seat to the wheels.

The correct distance ensures a good posture while driving. The base of your spine should touch with the back of your seat.

Before driving, sit down first then adjust your seat forward or backward depending on the length of your legs and you can comfortably depress the pedals.

5. Support Your Back With Something Soft

A small blanket, throw pillow or a thin piece of cloth can support your back. Put one of these things up in your upper spine and feel if you need some more support or if you need to decrease it.

Your back should feel comfortable, your spine should be well supported and your shoulders should be relaxed.

You can also find a device nowadays that you install in your car seat to help.

6. Don’t Slump in the Vehicle or Auto

If you have slumping position while driving, you are extremely hurting yourself. This position tires out your back especially when done over long hours of driving.

7. Move Around If You Can

Moving around will help you to reduce back pain whilst driving

While waiting for the green traffic light, try to move a little. Our spines are designed to move. Sitting in one position for a long period of time can stiffen up our back muscles that can lead to muscle soreness or back pain.

Whenever possible, move your back around and stretch. If you’re on a long drive, plan a stop every 30 minutes if possible before you travel. This way you can get out of your car, move around and stretch.

Moving during a long drive stimulates blood circulation, hence bringing oxygen and nutrients to your lower back.

8. Bring Along a Cold Pack

Back pains are commonly accompanied by inflammation. Apply a cold pack to decrease and numb sore tissues and inflammation.

Remember to cover the cold pack with thin towel or cloth to avoid cold sores. It will be a good idea to bring a cold pack with you or keep it in your car for future use.

The technique to always have cold packs in your car is to keep a cooler in your car and put in some ice packs, or you can just drive through a pharmacy and buy some instant ice packs.

9. Lift Your Back Up

You can also turn a piece of cloth into horseshoe shape and place it above your hipbone. This way you are lifting your back up.

Hold yourself up this way and don’t do anything to alter this position. Let your head rest and have the whole body relaxed while driving.

10. Be Used To The New Proper Driving Position

It takes a little time to adjust from bad postures to proper postures while driving. Be patient. This won’t take too long and you will soon enjoy and feel the benefits of a good posture.

Be sure not to fall back to your old postural habits.

Driving for hours can generally get you tired and affect your mood. One technique to drive in a patient and cool manner is to divert yourself with other relaxing activities, such as meditating or listening to music or podcasts.

This will help you take your mind off your back pain.

Summing it up

I hope these driving positions will help reduce your back pain while driving.

Aside from driving positions, there are also other helpful ways to help you get through long trips with less pain. Be cool while driving, especially during long travels.

If you are traveling on a vacation, make the long hours the best quality time to bond with your friends or family. Sing aloud together, tell stories or play games.

This way you can divert your attention from any back pain you might feel while driving.

The Best Car Seats – Back Pillows with Lumbar Support

So let us now talk about car seats, or more specifically how to get some back support for car seats!

How Do Lumbar Support Cushions in Car Seats Work?

It really all revolves around one main point:

Does it Really Work?

That’s right, the ever present, ever pervasive and all mysterious lumbar support cushion.

We think we know what lumbar support is; but do we really?

Lumbar support is defined by thusly:

While the spine can maintain a natural curvature without lower back support provided by the seatback, the natural tendency for most people when sitting for a long period is to slouch forward. This slouching posture pushes the lower back out, so that the natural inward curve goes in the opposite direction – outward toward the chair – straining the structures in the lower back.

This is generally the cause of quite a lot of back pain ills and usually develops over a certain period of time sitting in awkward positions. So, we have reviewed the best ergonomic products in the market today for you to choose from to make your life as comfortable as possible.

Click Here to find out if your posture is causing your back and neck agony

If you can find yourself a good quality lumbar support cushion or pillows for your car, you will go a very long way in making your car journeys more comfortable and your long distance ones more enjoyable.

By getting the correct lumbar support seat for your auto in order, you will help to alleviate a number of back and travel related problems including but not limited to:

  • Lower back pain – This is really the big one. Even if you do not have back pain, I am sure many people will have some kind of annoying, uncomfortable feelings in your lower back when driving for long distances.
  • Increased concentration when driving – This one is directly related to the first point. No pain or discomfort = more focus on getting the job done. In this case; driving a vehicle.
  • Better posture – This is true even when you have finished driving your auto, especially if you drive a lot or for your job.
  • Increased happiness – This is one from my own personal experience. As soon a I realized the problems I was having and corrected them, i.e. I needed decent lumbar support when driving, so that driving became less of a chore a more fun. I could put my music on or listen to the radio and be happy in my little driving cocoon!

But I Do Not Want to Buy Anything

That is OK, this is one of those problems that you can actually fix on your own with minimal fuss and effort.

If you know what a pillow or cushion is then you are already halfway there! Just pop it on your car seat and sit down to adjust for comfort.

Some Things You Should Note Though:

  1. You must make sure that the driver’s pillow is in the horizontal position and not upright – this will have the effect of making your car journey less comfortable and potentially dangerous.
  2. Try to get a medium density mesh pillow – too hard and you risk your lower back jutting out too far, too soft and you may as well not bother.
  3. I would still recommend investing in a specific back support for your car seat cushion because they really fit the shape of your back correctly and serve a very specific purpose.

Another benefit of getting yourself a brand new car seat back support device is that it will not wear out over time or deform like a pillow will and also most importantly, they are really not expensive at all.

The great thing about these mesh products is that they can be quite cheap but also good quality.

My Painful Story with Auto Back Supports (And Why I Wrote This Article!)

I am sure that if you are anything like me and you have been driving along on a long and boring journey, perhaps even cross country to see relatives,  your back starts to give up after a while!

At first it is just a bit of shuffling about, trying to get into the best position to remedy the discomfort.

Then comes the weird stretching and back arching to get more comfortable, there may even be some bending involved.

And finally comes the dreaded muscle pain/ spasms which kick in so hard that you have to pull over just so you can walk around a bit.

Well dear reader, I have been there many times.

I am from the UK I lived in Scotland for around 5 years while my family lived down in England.

I would drive there a few times a year to see everyone and although my journey was not as long as others, it was still around 300+ miles (500+ km).

This usually took just shy of 6 hours.

6 hours of pretty much non stop driving on a boring, monotonous highway only stopping a couple of times for a toilet break.

Suffice to say this did a real number on my back.

If you read about the reason I started this website, you will know that it is usually my knee that is the culprit in the pain department and sometimes seizes up if in one position for a long time.

But in this situation it was my back that really gave me some real pain and unhappiness.

This coupled with hours of sitting in one position makes for a very bad lumbar situation.

Service Station Goodies

Whenever I stopped off at a service station, I would always see those weird looking, concave mesh things that you put on your car seat to give you some lumbar support; but I never thought of ever getting one.

The lure of fast food always made me forget!

Then came the day that I thought to myself, “just do it, go and invest in one.”

It was only a small amount, and cheap enough to give it whirl.

I hobbled back to my car, unpacked the adjustable lumbar device, installed it as suggested and you know what? It was terrible!

The problem was that I bought a cheap, inferior cushion that provided no support and worse, made my back pain more unbearable.

I did no research prior to buying it and just saw the happy photos of a comfortable auto driver on the box and got impulsed into buying it.

However there is a silver lining here.

I decided to give it another go with a better product and spent about £35 this time. I installed it into my auto and used it everyday just driving to and from work.

It was pretty good this one.

However I only really felt the benefit when I embarked on my next long road trip and this time it is where these types of adjustable cushion products really shine.

If you are looking for a way to improve your back support, you should really consider one of these.

I didn’t actually get the exact model I have linked to, but my one is extremely similar and it is just amazing, worth every penny and a really small investment that reaps such huge rewards.