4 Reasons Sports Massage Ease Aching Joints

We all have experience the pain that comes from creaky knees, ankles, elbows and shoulders.

You know what else is a joint that gives you pain – your back.

achy back

That’s right, vertebrae are joints!

So, when it comes to reducing joint pain, there are a variety of modalities that can reduce the pain from aching joints and many times there are non-surgical interventions that will allow you to live a life of quality and lacking in pain, including sports massages that ease aching joints.

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Now, here’s the thing.

When you go to the doctor many times they will talk to you about surgical interventions like rebuilding a knee or shoulder.

The problem is that those interventions cost a lot of money and time. After you do the surgery and finish the rehab, most of the time your body and that particular joint is weaker than it was prior to surgery.

There are many reasons for this including a weakening of the muscle surrounding the joint and the increased load on the opposite joint.

Of course, when you have a serious injury like a torn ligament or bone break, there’s nothing you can do. But for inflammation, there are plenty of options in your toolbox.

One of the best options for alleviating aching joints is sports massage. A trained masseuse knows how to get your joints feeling better, here are some reasons why:

Increased Flexibility

When it comes to sports massage, this modality allows you to get the muscles stretched out and allows your joints to remain flexible, and that reduces the chances to get seriously injured.

Tight muscles are a major reason for aching joints, so increasing this flexibility is critical

Reduces Inflammation

The key cause of much arthritic pain within joints has to do with inflammation within the joint. That being said, sports massages are fantastic at reducing levels of inflammation within the joint, and thus reduces pain

Rids Muscles of Knots

One of the great things about sports massages is it helps align fascial tissue and smooth muscles.

Knots in muscles are a key reason why joints fall out of alignment and then cause you pain. This is especially true with big joints like the knees, shoulders, and hip joints

Starts the Healing Process

Many times, sports massages are one of the first modalities used by professional athletes to heal injuries.

This is because the massage itself releases many good enzymes that aid in the process of rebuilding an injured area.

If you are suffering from an injury to a joint or to a muscle that’s causing a joint to ache, then it is imperative to get a good, deep massage to open up the healing process.

For many people, sports massages are a great way to relax, however when you have aching joints the pain often prevents you from relaxing.

Having a great sports massage promotes the healing of these joints and allows you to get back to the active life that you would greatly enjoy.