5 Different Types of Massage Chairs and How They Help Your Body

Osaki OS-4D Pro JP Premium reviewWhen it comes to selecting the right tool for any job, the first thing you do is make sure that indeed the tool your selecting is the best one to help.

How many times have you heard stories of people choosing the wrong tool for a job when another tool would make the job easier?

This is the case with massage chairs; depending on your needs, finding the right massage chair can be the difference between successfully alleviating your aches and pains or continuing to endure unending pain.

Here are some things that are universal with massage chairs

The first is the chairs should be high quality.

It is important to check out reviews and see what different people are saying about these chairs and their durability because chances are you are going to be using this chair fairly regularly so having knowledge is critical to making a great purchase.

Here are the five different types of massage chairs along with how they help your body recover:

Reclining Massage Chairs:

These chairs are what you think of when you see massage chairs, however there’s more to it. These reclining chairs allow you to take the load off of your hips and get incredibly comfortable while having your body get relief. These chairs do require a wider area though because of how far back they go when they recline

Zero Gravity Chairs:

These chairs mimic the feeling that astronauts have of their body not being encumbered by gravity. Let’s face it, gravity presents many issues with body aches. These chairs remove gravity’s effects and allow a massage to really dig in and help your body heal

Full Body Massage Chair:

These chairs are massive and literally massage every single area of your body. When you use these chairs, the goal is full body relief and allows you to get help in all areas. Though it could be expensive, getting these chairs leads to incredible relief

Ottoman Massage Chairs:

We all love to put our feet up and ottoman massage chairs allow you to have the best of both worlds. These chairs are smaller than the bigger chairs but they also provide good relief. What these chairs focus on more than anything is the relief to the back and the hips, so if you need massage functions for your legs then you are better off going with another chair. These are usually best suited to the living room

Heated Massage Chairs:

The benefits of heat when it comes to loosening up muscles are well-documented in medical journals and even just with your experience. These chairs offer heat in a variety of areas, the low end chairs will offer it for the lower back but the higher end chairs will offer it in more spaces.


When you decide that you are going to invest in a massage chair, there are many things to consider.

Besides considering expense, it is important to consider the different areas that you are seeking relief for along with the spatial requirements that are present for each type of chair.