Here at Brian’s Spine Health HQ, I write articles all about ergonomics and human form factors.

However I like to think that you are interested much more than just the best ergonomic office chair; or which keyboard is the most ergonomic etc. So to that end, I will periodically write articles pertaining to general good health.

If you ever feel as though you have a bad back, sore legs, painful joints, headaches, illness and other general uncomfortable ailments all the time, then we aim to give advice and information as to why these things are happening ans well some ways which you can fix them.

Many of these problems arise from poor ergonomics either in the workplace, at home, travelling or even just due to old age.

There is more information about ergonomics in our “Why Is Ergonomics Important?” page. There you will find out in further detail about what ergonomics is and why it has such a great affect on your overall health.

Who is Brian’s Spine Health HQ

I am just an average guy who has had my fair share of problems related to poor ergonomics and want to share the knowledge that I have acquired throughout my research on how to help.

I am also interested in how ergonomics affects us in our everyday lives. From sitting too long at a desk at work or going running and wearing the wrong shoes (or possibly just needing insoles), we have searched the internet and found 100’s of articles in many different places.

Brian’s Spine Health HQ aims to provide our readers with a central place that you can visit that has many different articles about all the different aspects to this very complicated subject.

So what can ergonomics do for you?

You can head on over to our category pages to find out lots more information about many different things related to ergonomics:

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or physiotherapist or any kind or any kind of medical practitioner. All of the articles on Brian’s Spine Health HQ should not be used as advice and you should speak to your doctor if you are in any kind of pain. Please see our full disclaimer here.