The Sivan Adjustable Back Balance Chair – Our 2018 Review

Yoga Exercise Ball chairs have become more widely used in homes and offices as an increasing number of people have realized that they need to protect their health.

The Sivan Adjustable Back is one of the chair brands gaining traction recently in 2017. With its numerous features and ergonomic design, this chair review appears to challenge other brands with great vigor, however is it really worth all of the attention that it is currently receiving?

Read this review to find out.

sivan adjustable backProduct Specifications:

The chair’s support base is comprised of 4 rolling wheels.

That makes it very easy to move this chair around. In addition to our review, 2 of its wheels are lockable, which allows users to fix the seat into an appropriate position without it moving constantly. The seat is black and features an adjustable yet stout seat back that helps to enhance back and balance very conveniently.

The pump tube is full of air and acts as shock absorber against your weight to provide you with a seating position that is ergonomic that enhances your position and makes stretching easier as well.

As an added bonus, a pump comes with the chair that allows you to deflate or inflate to suit your individual needs.

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Product Features

  • Sturdy yet elegant design to suit home or office use.
  • Pump is included to inflate the yoga exercise ball as needed
  • An adjustable, black support area that provides back support
  • A stability & yoga ball to enhance balance
  • Two lockable legs for steadying the chair while in use
  • Four durable legs

Pros And Cons

  • The chair enhances you body posture and therefore minimizes nagging pain and other back problems.
  • The pressure of the yoga ball chair can be adjusted easily by either deflating or inflating it to suit your needs.
  • There are no arms on the chair. That makes it easier to stretch body parts, particularly when working for long periods of time.
  • There are four rolling wheels which makes it easy to move the seat from one position to another.
  • It is fairly simple to change over to using a yoga ball chair from a standard chair, which allows your body to easily adjust to it.
  • The 2 wheels that lock help with keeping the seat fixed in one position.
  • Unlike standard seats where you can’t disentangle the parts easily, particularly for transportation purposes, the Sivan chair tube is easy to deflate which makes mobility easy.
  • The chair features a versatile design which can accommodate various exercise balls with difficulty, including Yoga exercise balls.
  • The back support and back wheels – which are key areas supporting your weight – are made from metallic material. That makes them long lasting and strong.
  • Assembling the various parts of the chair is quite easy and only takes a couple of minutes to do.
  • Since the surface of the yoga ball is smooth, you can use the balance ball seat for back exercises without needing to remove the stability ball from the chair’s frame.
  • The Sivan fitness ball chair’s main drawback is that you can’t adjust the chair’s height or lower it to your height. Although you can add pressure or deflate it, having to do either one of those things to the extreme can be quite inconvenient.

Who Should Use This Chair?

The Sivan Adjustable Back Balance Chair is well suited for anybody who has back problems. That includes those who are in physical rehabilitation. However, the seat is also ideal for anyone wanting to enhance their convenience and posture at home or work.

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Final Verdict

The Sivan Adjustable Back Balance Yoga Ball Chair ultimately is an excellent alternative to the standard office chair.

It features a dependable performance and a reasonable price on our review. Although it might be lacking in arms on its side, it achieves the highest health standards anyone could want.

It is a great buy overall based on our review.