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5 Best Ergonomic Baby Carrier Reviews – 2018 Edition


Why the heck am I writing about the best ergonomic baby carrier reviews!?

It’s a valid question, but let me tell you a quick story.

I have a beautiful little girl and she is growing up fast. As someone who suffers from back pain every now and then; carrying her can become quite and effort. This is especially true when you factor in how fast she is growing!

As a man or woman on the move; carrying your child along comfortably can be quite a challenge.

You need a child carrier review that fits you well and also fits your infant well.

This simply means you need an ergo child carrier review, which you can easily use to carry your baby around without undue stress on his/her body or yours.

A baby carrier that fits you well is one that distributes your toddler’s weight properly across your body. Undue pressure on any one part of your body can cause you all kinds of pain and problems, including severe back pain and something called forward head posture which is specific to this kind of product. You can check out what the symptoms of FHP are here.

Older versions of infant carriers weren’t always the most comfortable, but newer models have finally figured out how to keep everyone comfy and cozy in the most practical way.

How Baby Carrier Ergonomics Work?

Coming now to the infant’s ergonomics review (which clearly is the priority while carrying your baby); it’s imperative to ensure that any infant carrier you decide to go with lends adequate support to her hips, spine and also the pelvic region.

The infant’s weight should be evenly distributed around the shoulders and the hips. Carriers that end up putting excessive stress on the hip joints or the crotch are the worst possible you can choose. These can cause major health problems for your child, particularly if the infant is facing outwards, with his legs dangling.

The outward-facing position is not a good thing for babies under 4 months because of their lack of head control, which can put a lot of strain on their spine and neck as well as their lumbar spine. An additional problem for an outward-facing infant is that she has no place to hide if she sees something unusual or something likely to trigger fear or discomfort.

Plus let’s be honest here, if you are anything like me; you want to see your beautiful child’s face all the time with their weird expressions and so on! Basically, what you need to look for is a carrier where your infant can be comfortably seated in the `M’ position. This would put the child’s bottom in the center of the carrier and lower than her knees. The carrier should be designed to allow the child to keep her hips spread open.

Ergonomic Baby Carrier Position
Source: http://www.babywearingadvice.co.uk/anatomy.htm

What To Look For in a Good Ergonomic Infant Carrier?

It’s quite evident that choosing the right kind of infant carrier review is extremely important for your infant’s health as well as your own to avoid injuries for either one of you.

So how do you decide which is the best choice when it comes to ergonomic child carrier reviews?

What exactly should you look for in making your final decision?

As critical as these questions are, information about what goes into making a great ergo child carrier review is unfortunately insufficient.

To begin with, it’s necessary to keep your infant’s age, height and weight in mind.

Not all carriers are designed to fit all babies.

On the contrary, there are some exclusively built for children under the age of 4 months and others for older babies.

A carrier for a really young infant should have adequate neck support built into it since at that age, babies simply have no or little control over their necks.

The next thing to look for is how far your toddler has developed physically. A well developed baby would need a bigger carrier for better ergonomic comfort.

Quality and looks are also important factors in deciding on a particular ergo child carrier review.

Of course, ease of use is critical to a decision in this matter.

And you need to know what exactly you’ll be using the carrier for through this review.

Is it only for occasional use, or do you plan to carry your infant around the house?

Key Points

  • Your infant's: Age, Height & Weight should be considered
  • Some child carriers are designed for infant's under or over 4 months
  • Infant carriers for very young babies should include a neck support
  • Consider the development of your child
  • A higher quality infant carrier will last longer
  • How easy is it to put on and take off?
  • How are you going to be using your child carrier?

5 Best Ergo Child Carriers Reviews of 2016

It’s important to study a few ergonomic baby carrier reviews before taking your pick.

I've reviewed some of the best for you to choose from based on certain criteria:

  • Design - It should look good, fairly fashionable and not be over the top 
  • Ergonomics - It should adhere to basic ergonomic principles
  • Quality - It should last a long time and you should be able to use it again if you have another little bundle of lovable craziness!
  • Best - It should really have very few cons and be an overall great choice
  • Value for money - Having the best doesn't mean you have to get a 2nd mortgage!

OK, so with that out of the way; let's get to it 😉

1. The Yokohama Review

Designed for babies over the age of 4 months who can fully support their heads; this carrier comes fitted with great ergonomic features for excellent comfort.

Advanced lumbar support and excellent shoulder strap padding make it ideal for your child’s lower back. The carrier extends full support to the infant’s spine and can support the waistline of the parent up to 40”.

What’s more, it’s extremely affordable without compromising on quality in any way.

Pros & Cons


  • Hip seat is detachable, allowing the baby to sit on it instead of dangling its legs
  • Fabric is 100% pure luxury organic cotton, to protect your baby’s soft skin
  • Has soft head cover to keep your baby fully protected against harsh winds and sunrays
  • Cooling effect of the ventilated mesh pocket helps your baby breathe easy
  • Solid stitching, zippers and snapper, which are unlikely to come off with use


  • Seat is somewhat big and bulky due to its detachable feature
  • Clips are 3 point instead of the usual 2; difficult to take off with child in front-facing position


This top quality, organic baby carrier is a great value.

The powerful support it provides to the child’s spine and lower limbs is probably the most amazing feature of this well-designed carrier.

The soft fabric will keep your infant nicely ensconced in this carrier, which breathes comfort through every thread.

2. The ERGObaby Review

This premium range carrier comes at a somewhat higher cost than most others out there, but its high-end features more than compensate for the price difference.

With four wearing positions that can fit every parent to a `T’, it’s one of the most versatile child carriers reviews offering ergonomic comfort and support for both the infant and parent.

Pros & Cons


  • Curved `C’ posture enables baby to snuggle into a comfortable frog-leg seated position
  • Can carry baby weight from 7 to 33 pounds, facilitating longer use for a growing baby
  • Provides 4 ergonomic positions for carrying the baby – back, hip, front inward and front outward


  • Baby ends up in crotch-dangling position while front-facing
  • Not built for long use as it gets heavy and uncomfortable after some time
  • Very small pocket to carry essentials like mobile phone, bills etc.
  • Waistband is not adjustable and can’t be tightened or loosened without taking it off
  • Shoulder clasp is low so needs help to connect it
  • Hood is quite small and doesn’t cover the sides too well


Despite a few negatives, the ERGObaby is quite a deal for any parent looking for exceptional comfort for their babies.

Of course, it’s best to have someone around to unlatch it from your shoulders, but that shouldn’t be too big of a problem.

The back support it’ll provide your baby is the most awesome feature of this carrier, which you can always modify a bit to address the cons review.

3. The Mo+m Review

With its soft structure and ergonomic sling; the Mo+m Sling is easy to use over long periods.

The baby’s weight gets evenly distributed in this sling, which requires no folding or tying. A versatile 3-in-1 design makes it ideal for front, hip and backpack carrying positions.

Carrying your baby in this durable, machine washable carrier is like carrying it close to your body without the carrier to separate it.  Seeing as this is the most natural posture for your baby; the effects on your baby’s health both metal & physical, are amazing!

Pros & Cons


  • Vented window helps keep the baby ensconced in cool comfort for hours together
  • Hood is ultra soft and keeps the head covered while baby is sleeping
  • Suitable for babies of all sizes – small infants and larger toddlers
  • Safety and security are built into the design of this carrier
  • Convenient size and shape that enable carrier to fit anywhere, including a diaper bag
  • Adequate pocket for storage of essentials – toys, mobile phone, etc.
  • Zip-down pocket helps keep baby cool on warm days


  • Not suitable for kids under the age of 4 months
  • Doesn’t work for large-sized babies
  • Carrying it for more than 15 minutes can cause back pain
  • Waist straps are cumbersome and difficult to unbuckle
  • Stitching quality is not great


The review of the ergonomic design of this carrier will ensure healthy spine and hip development of your infant.

The ease of getting the child in and out without help makes it extremely convenient to carry around. The straps are equally easy to use and not at all cumbersome, which makes infant carrying a breeze.

So if you’re in search of something solid yet soft, this is the carrier for you, and of course your child.

4. The Veenev Review

This baby carrier comes with some super features that work great for both toddlers and infants.

This 100% cotton sling, will keep your infant well protected through all weather conditions in three available positions.

So with this ergonomic baby sling, you can carry your child facing in (where it bonds with your body), or in the backpack position that allows your little one to explore the world.

The sling position is excellent for nursing the infant.

Basically in a nutshell: The Veenev is great for both mum and parent 🙂

Pros & Cons


  • Even weight distribution as a result of wide shoulder straps and wide lumbar belt
  • Can hold weight up to 25 pounds
  • Snap-on cloth, made of pure cotton, is easy to wash and clean
  • Removable sleeping hood to keep baby protected from sun
  • Ventilation can be increased when needed with zip-down center mesh
  • Nice pocket to keep all the extras, including wipes and diapers
  • Safety buckles prevent carrier from opening up accidentally


  • Safety buckles are difficult to open
  • Hood is plain and not attractive for baby
  • Waistband doesn’t have clasp or Velcro to keep it closed
  • Fabric quality is not good


So whether it’s your infant’s neck, hips, back or head, you can keep them all well protected with the Veenev ergonomic child sling.

The carrier is adjustable for ease of convenience, while its hands-free design means you can carry on with all your tasks without worrying about your child’s safety and comfort.

The breathable fabric will keep your infant cool, always.

The adjustable, padded shoulder straps are designed for the best fit.

5. The BEBE Review

The BEBE Miracle carrier is really cool, useful & perfect for travel.

You can easily fold this compact, ultralight baby carrier and take it wherever you want, without any burdensome weight to lug around.

Bebe by Me has improved upon their earlier version by adding enhanced features based on customer feedback. So you’ll find the all-new BEBE Miracle thicker and more durable.

It has an advanced cross-back design to alleviate the pressure on the lower back for us parents – kind of what should be of equal importance to your baby’s health. You can’t care for them if you’re out of commission with a bad back.

Pros & Cons


  • Shoulder straps and mesh material are more heavily padded for better experience
  • Infant sling is ultralight, ergonomic, compact and easy to wear
  • Mesh material keeps the child cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Can be used in three seating positions – on the back, inward front facing, outward front facing
  • Extremely hygienic because of detachable pad for infant’s bums
  • Totally machine washable, ensuring speed of cleaning


  • Seating is not properly constructed, baby hangs too low
  • Difficult to wipe the dirt or food marks clean while on the go
  • Not sturdy - material quality is poor, fabric used is a mix of cotton and polyester
  • Not large enough to carry babies over 18 pounds


This is ideal as an inexpensive ergonomic baby carrier with basic ergonomic features.

It’s evidently not designed to last, but would do well if you want to use it for a limited period.

The good part of it is that both parents can use it conveniently, without having to struggle with it while fitting it on or taking it off.


All the child carriers reviews discussed here are ergonomically designed to deliver comfort to you and your toddler. However, it’s important to look at overall convenience and price too, when considering any of these for your baby.

Your child’s lower back in particular, is completely safe with the Yokohama, which is great value for money with all the basic features of a good infant carrier. The detachable hip seat gives it an added advantage as it allows your infant to sit comfortably rather than dangle her legs.

For those of you who don’t mind paying a little extra for additional comfort and better fit, the ERGObaby is probably the best buy. Safety is really high in this kid carrier.

If you’re in search of something solid yet soft, the Mo+m® Classic is the carrier for you and your child. The best part of it is you can use it continuously, at a stretch, without hurting your back and shoulders and without putting your child in any discomfort.

The Veenev has the advantage of multiple positions with well ventilated snap-on cloth made of pure cotton that won’t harm your infant’s soft skin.

And finally, the BEBE Miracle, though not really a miraculous improvement over its earlier version, is quite a decent buy for the price it comes at. It’s your best choice if you plan to travel around with your baby, given its ultralight weight.

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