Brian’s Spine Health HQ

Why Briaergbion’s Spine Health HQ?

I started this website in order to create a place where people can go to find out about ergonomics and see what products they could get that might improve health and comfort.

After suffering with knee joint pain and shin splints for a while and also having a mother who suffered from a slipped disc in her lower back many years ago, but still suffers every now and then  from severe pain.

I decided to go online to find out what things I could do that would improve these issues.

However after finding some really great information out there, I could see that actually it took me a darn long time to find the really useful nuggets of information.

It then took even longer to search through endless Amazon products to find out what I should invest in to make my life easier and to reduce pain in my everyday activities.

This made me think that there may be others out there who have similar problems and are in desperate need for some information. Many times when in pain, the last thing you want to do is to search through endless pages on the internet only to find out what you already know.

Brian’s Spine Health HQ is intended to be a repository of knowledge about all things ergonomics and how by living an ergonomically sound lifestyle can both prevent injury and also help to soothe it when it occurs.

What I hope to provide is an unbiased and informative way to talk about how you can improve your health by living ergonomically and using certain products to help you live a more comfortable life.

Why should you trust the information on this website?

brighty_commerce_25That is a great question and one you always be asking yourself when visiting any website.

Let me be clear. I am not a specialist or medical practitioner in any way, shape or form. In fact you should read the Disclaimer page before you embark on anything you read on Brian’s Spine Health HQ.

However that said, I am someone who meticulously researches everything I do and have read a lot of information about ergonomics and ergonomic products that can improve health and comfort.

From my own health problems with exercise and knee joint pain, to my mothers back issues, I have invested a lot of time in trying to find outcomes that would help us both and as a result have a wealth of information that I would like to share with you.

OK great, now what?

I suggest that you first go and have a look at what ergonomics actually is because it covers a vast range of things and it is worth finding our as much as possible.

Another good place to check out is the ways in which ergonomics can really affect your health and the issues that canbrighty_fitness_16 arise from poor ergonomics as well as the improvement that you will gain from making ergonomics a part of your life.

If you already know a bit about ergonomics and just want to dive right in, then you can go straight to one of the categories in the menu at the top, to find out reviews of products as well as all sorts of other information about the subject you want help with.