The Flash Furniture Wooden Posture Chair – Our 2018 Review

In nearly every test we have run the wooden posture kneeling chair by Flash Furniture through, it has stood above the competition. Whether you are searching for a dependable quality upgrade or new to the knee stool, our entire staff highly recommends this chair. In fact, most of us own this great item.

Our Review of the Flash Furniture Wooden Posture Chair

flash furnitureHowever, we aren’t the only ones who love this chair. It has excellent customer feedback. Even on the manufacturer’s website, it is gaining a lot of nice comments from people, and considering most of these reviews and ratings can at times be more on the pessimistic side. In fact, the rating was pretty high for a product of its kind. We too agree, and for the following reasons:

This chair’s design is perfect for individuals who have back pain and are wanting to use proper ergonomics to help improve their condition. Like a majority of kneeling chairs, this one’s seat slopes down, which gives more space for your hips, and this in turn enables your lower back to get into an ideal curve. There is less pressure put on the back since your weight gets distributed between the seat, your knees and your shins. One feature that the knee stool from Flash Furniture has is it allows the user to adjust the seat’s angle. When you can find just the perfect angle it not only enables you to discover the proper ergonomic position for your body, it also helps with adjusting the seat’s height. For that reason, we consider this product to be quite versatile for a majority of body sizes and types.

The Verdict

This product’s adjustable kneeler feature lets you completely fold the stool. It is very convenient if you want to transport your chair between work and home. Its compact size easily fits in the trunk of your car. If you want to store it, the chair slides under the bed easily.

The foam cushion is durable and high-quality, making it very comfortable. Over time, it does hold up very well, and is able to maintain a high comfort level, even as it starts to age.

More importantly, the Flash Furniture Wooden Posture Kneeling Chair has a very fair price point. This product provides so much value that it is surprising that it doesn’t cost more like other kneeling stools in the market.