The Office Star Executive Kneeling Chair – Our 2018 Review

It terms of style and comfort, there really is no equal to the Office Star Executive Kneeling Chair. It is a huge favorite among professionals who have ergonomics in mind and wanting to upgrade their office equipment with ergo kneeling chairs. Although this kneeler chair is definitely very pleasant to look at, it doesn’t sacrifice comparability in any way. A majority of us feel that it’s the most comfort kneeling chair of its kind, despite its very affordable cost. That’s why we decided to review the kneeling stool for you guys!

Our Take on The Office Star Executive Kneeling Chair

office star executiveSo what makes the chair so comfortable exactly? Simply put, Office Star didn’t spare any expense in the materials it used to construct the chair. It is one of the few kneeling stools featuring memory foam padding, on both the shin pad and seat. That makes it quite comfortable for sitting for long periods of time. It is a knee chair that new users can get accustomed to very easily, as sometimes it can be awkward trying to transition away from traditional chairs. In addition, the padding is very durable. In fact, some have owned the chair for more than 3 years without it showing any signs of wear.

When it comes to ergonomics review, everything you need is featured in this Office Start kneel stool that is needed for adjustments. Adjusting the height allows you to get your head in position so that it is lined up with your monitor so that you avoid hunching and craning your neck. The rolling base allows you to move freely around your work space, as well as encourage and promote movement. Go here ( to learn more about kneeling chairs.

In terms of style, the base is made of espresso mahogany. It is light weight, durable and has a professional feel to it. The memory foam padding has a high quality black cover finish, which nicely complements its espresso base. This product is purchased in large quantities by dentists, professional office workers and others.

Reviewers love this product as much as we do. Online, where there is a tendency for products reviews to be negative and critical, it still maintains a high score for customer ratings and feedback on its product reviews. We thought so too, we spent some time testing the product to see if what people online are saying about it is true. After some time of careful testing, we were blown away by the comfort level that this chair provides its users, and the price is definitely worth it.