Best Gaming Keyboard Reviews : Ergonomic Products Under $100 – 2017

So you are wondering, “What is the best gaming keyboard under $100 in 2017?” and you just want to get something that will last you a long time, stay clicking like new and also has the right price, then you have come to the right place my friend.

Whether you’re a teenager or an adult with a family, having the best gaming keyboard is a critical piece in your arsenal in order to have the best gaming experience.

Picture the scene; you have just blown all your money on a intensely awesome rig that can give the Chinese something to sweat about, and you have also chosen a super fast, ergonomic gaming mouse that looks like a Lamborghini. But wait, oh crap the keyboard man, you are down to your last $100 and you need something good and quite possibly you want a mechanical gaming keyboard to get some real feedback.

You need a gaming keyboard that is easy to use and has all the important features you need.

Thanks to the internet there are so many gaming keyboards out there to choose from. Because of this, it might be really difficult for you to choose the wide variety of gaming keyboards out there. If you’re looking for the best gaming keyboard on a budget for 2015 then this is the right place for you. You, no longer have to spend hours on end looking for the right keyboard for you. I have hand selected the best gaming keyboards that are below $100 – so you can make an easy decision.

Read on fellow gamer…

For those of you too impatient to read this whole article, (you are a gamer after all with the titch reflexes of a highly tuned super gaming soldier), the winner and my serious recommendation for several reasons which you can find below, is:

CM Storm QuickFire TK

So what are the best gaming keyboards under $100, and why are they so great?

With 18 programmable G-keys (which allows you to program 54 functions!) the Logitech G510s is the most versatile gaming keyboard out there. It features a game panel LCD display which provides valuable gaming information such as…

  • Real time game stats
  • VOIP data
  • System/server information

Thanks to their multi-key input feature, you can press up to six moves at once in order to execute your moves with ease and precision. Another awesome feature is the hydrophobic coating which prevents sticky keys. You can relax and eat your oily foods while using this keyboard!

This keyboard even has keys in which you can mute your volume which is an amazing time saver.

The cons associated with this keyboard is that there have been reports of defective merchandise (this is rare though.) If this situation occurs then you can simply return it for a refund.

Selling for $76 on Amazon this keyboard is an amazing choice with the 4.5 out of 5 stars rating. This keyboard is specifically designed for hardcore gamers who play to win.

If you would like a keyboard that is durable (You can spill water on it and it will still survive!) and built to last; then the Razer BlackWidow Expert is for you. The keyboard has keys that light up in color and are customizable.

The keys feel great on your fingers and make a light sound when you type on them.

Increase in ease of typing, speed and accuracy can be achieved through this excellent keyboard.

One of the biggest features is the 5 programmable keyboards on the left side portion of the keyboard. This allows you to be more flexible with your gaming.

The cons associated with this keyboard is the sound it makes when you type on them. If you’re using this around other people – then you might find trouble among others. However, and this is a big however, the it makes is because it is a mechanical gaming keyboard which is kind of the holy grail of keyboards, (some would argue!), and this is really because of the feedback that it provides.

With a 4.5 star review on Amazon and less than $100 get your Razer BlackWidow Expert today!

Another high quality gaming keyboard under $100 that is probably worth much more to be honest; the Logitech G710+ is great for gamers who want faster and flawless precision with their games.

It features 6 programmable keys that allows you to perform 16 different functions at any given time. It also has dedicated media controls.

You can adjust things like volume with the simple click of a button. This increases the speed at which you play your games. The keyboard is built to last as it will last several years.

The cons associated with this product is that it won’t function well with Linux. If you are running Linux on your computer then this keyboard isn’t for you.

Having well designed layouts and controls this gorgeous keyboard can be bought for less than $100.
With a 4.3 out of 5 stars review on Amazon the Logitech G710+ is another great choice for your gaming needs.

If you would like to have a keyboard that isn’t just for gaming then this is the right one for you.

Thanks to being heavy; the keyboard will never move when you’re doing a lot of typing. Extremely responsive you will find that this item will be fluid and smooth as you do your gaming or typing.

It has highly customizable colors with each key having individual options for the colors and effects. You can set it up in a way where different keys have different colors.

It’s also been reported to reduce strain from overuse.

If you are on the computer for too long; then you no longer have to fear about the consequences of using this keyboard too much, A gaming bug bare!

The cons associated with this product is that there is a learning curve to getting used to the product. After a period of time the keys may start to stop working. So, unless you’re willing to take that risk then this keyboard isn’t for you.

With a 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon this keyboard is yet another option that you can consider for your needs.

With a solid construction and a nice clean simple look the CM Storm is yet another option for you.

It has customizable colors for the keys and offers “soft clicking.” The keyboard layout is unique as it integrates the number pad, arrow keys and other function keys which increases speed and accuracy.

It also boasts 7 shortcut keys and fully backlit keys with customizable brightness. It has a blue steel embedded into the back of the keyboard – which boosts stability and durability.

You also have a wide range of colors to choose from on the way your keyboard lights up. There’s blue switches with blue LED, green switches with green LED etc.

The cons associated with this product really isn’t a con if you know what you are doing. The keyboard comes with a variety of features that are unique to the keyboard. It’s recommended that you read the manual so you understand all the features and tricks associated with the CM Storm. There is a small learning curve to learning how the CM Storm works and operates, but this will ultimately result in increased usage and you as a very happy gamer!

Reported to feeling great on the fingers and with a sleek design the CM Storm is another great gaming keyboard for less than $100.

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